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Remitente: QhOlAXAeoD Fecha:18/07/2014

We have also been taken in by BMS. They to contacted us oiffreng to buy our membership of DWVC for the sum of c2a39300 with an upfront insurance fee of c2a3997. Surprise Surprise having paid the insurance fee and waiting 6 weeks, the deal fell through. We were then offered a corporate deal with a further up front fee of c2a31700,( this deal we refused). I had to deal with a very rude woman by the name of Clair Wilson. I was referred back to our friend Megan Richards. We have been contacted this week to say a courier will be calling with a bankers draft tomorrow.We are waiting for the phone call to say what time the courier will arrive.Hah hah hah Can you tell us how to get our money back
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