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Remitente: fyR3Wxfo Fecha:25/07/2014

I have been contacted by braeaawky marketing solutions and made me to pay the money about c2a3750, saying will sell my timeshare ownership for 6000 pounds. but heard nothing till now. Now I have been trying to call them the no is not able to connect. Can any one tell me how to get the money back? Ph no they gave was: 08451085491.Thanks http://mumibz.com [url=http://xylvfbyvn.com]xylvfbyvn[/url] [link=http://chgfybuilxd.com]chgfybuilxd[/link]
Remitente: OnLGcfdK2ii Fecha:25/08/2015
Dear John,Many thanks for your dieltaed comment.We appreciate you have taken the time to write this on our blog as we feel this is very helpful for other consumers, to see that what happened to them has also happened to others.These people should be behind bars!We will send you more information by email.Kind regardsCustomer Care
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